How to Personalise Your Wall Map Art

Transforming wall art or a gift from a thoughtful piece to something truly exceptional all comes down to one thing, a personal touch.

The customisation options for wall map art are boundless, with each being unique in its design and meaning. So how do you begin taking your wall art from something that is eye-catching, to something which reflects your taste, style and is personal to you?

From selecting meaningful locations to adding unique custom details, the WoodenMapsCo is here to help expand your vision of what is possible. 

Choosing the perfect location

The most important thing about any map? The location of course! This be a place where fond memories were made, a place of significant importance or a stylistic showpiece such as the bustling streets of London, the smart and distinctive grid layout of Washington D.C. or the romantic canal systems of Amsterdam.

When it comes to choosing the location for your world map wall art, choosing something meaningful makes a real difference. From the location of a proposal, the beach of your favourite holiday destination or a special place in the countryside. Whatever and wherever it may be, the location is what makes it meaningful to you.

Add map-marker pins to your map art

We regularly get requests to mark special places on a map. From the site of a proposal to the location of a business, pins can be added to mark specific places of interest

Here are some of the requests we’ve had of pins markers for wooden maps:

We can create bespoke pins for your wooden map. Let our map maker team know what you have in mind and we can create something fitting to your map design.

Adding names and dates

Adding details to a map doesn’t stop with visual shapes and icons, but adding text too. While some customers prefer to have traditional looking maps without the need for names and markers, others opt for a more detailed design.

Some examples of adding text to wall map art include adding the names and numbers of main roads running through the map, adding suburb and region names, as well as adding dates to show where the depiction of the map is from.

Colour customisations

The right colour choices can really enhance the visual impact of a map in any space. Utilising colours to highlight specific features, for instance a route such as road or bike path, or to distinguish specific areas such as fields or parks making them more prominent.

In addition to specific colour options, we often receive requests for different staining options and finishes. Some customers opt towards darker staining to fit their style and aesthetic appearance, while others prefer to maintain a lighter piece with brighter colours. Each option can be tailored to suit and elevate the space.

Size options

Choosing the size of your wall art can be a key component in the impact you want to make. Larger sizes, such as 400mm x 300m are ideal for more detailed map designs and are more striking on display. 

Whereas a smaller size, such as a 300mm x 210mm can complement a room's style, offering an interesting and artistic detail, without acting as a centerpiece to the space.

Artistic additions

The personalisation options to enhance a wooden map art do not stop there, in fact the artistic element is only just beginning. For detailed maps, hand painted rivers and oceans can give tremendous depth to a piece. With the map already built up over various layers and sat back in a frame, using hand painted details adds another dimension. 

From smooth and gentle canals to the ocean crashing against the rocks of the shoreline, these details can make a wall map come to life.

Have a question about personalised wall maps? 

Send me an email with your questions and ideas so I can bring your idea to life. From small details to forward thinking ideas, I'll do my best to make your vision a reality.