Choose the Perfect Location for Your World Map Wall Art

Choosing the right art for your home should add unique value and purpose to your space. A wooden map is no different. It will bring a stunning visual impact to your room while stirring the thoughts of nostalgia and storytelling.

Just like any art, a wooden map can provide a subtle detail to a space or be a standalone centrepiece. Its geographical location can be a place of poignant meaning in your life or a distant place to dwell upon. 

I have all sorts of map requests coming through the doors of my little workshop in Kent. When there’s an emotional connection behind the map, it makes it even more personal. 

Often when I have maps of a special place, it is sent as a personal gift and is always well received due to the thought put into it.

To help you decide what map would be best for you, I’ve composed a selection of the best locations and meanings for your wooden maps. 

A map of where they proposed

A special location can bring back many memories, and that special place makes the perfect anniversary (especially as a 5th Wedding Anniversary gift) or wedding gift. 

When a gift has the balance of being handmade, while stirring a personal and emotional connection - then it truly is the perfect gift.

Although all our wooden wall maps are made in the UK, the geographical locations within them don’t have to be. This map was as an anniversary present for a young couple who got engaged in the bustling centre of Amsterdam on the Keizersgracht canal.

Put your hometown on the map

Another example of a map with meaning. The place you grow up isn’t always the place you stay, with maps of where people call ‘home’ often being requested as a touching gift. 

This map was requested by a granddaughter as a special present for a big birthday milestone for her London-born Grandad, who was a waterman who worked on the iconic river Thames for many years. 

This wooden map is engraved from MDF board and the Thames is handpainted to give it greater depth. This piece captures the scale and intricacies of the densely packed central London lanes, while demonstrating the charismatic curving geography of the Thames. 

A favourite holiday destination

A place to kick back in the sun and hear the sound of the sea rolling the shore line always sounds good. This map was designed to look good too, giving a dynamic appearance to a family favourite holiday destination. 

Herne Bay in Kent offers everything a family could wish for from a staycation. Based in the South East of England on the coast of the English Channel, it boasts plenty of ice-cream and amusements to keep everyone entertained. This customer wanted emphasis on the coastline, where the family return to each Summer to spend time in their holiday beach hut. 

The coastline has been painted by hand to make it stand out as an eye catching piece of wall art. You can even see the old harbour arm and the pier, which has now been turned into a fun fair.

a framed wooden map on a wall with Wye and Boughton Aluph on the map

A place in the country

Often when customers are considering buying some map wall art as a gift or art piece, the first thing that comes to mind is big cities and towns. While I do see lots of requests for iconic places like New York or Paris, I get plenty of unique, and more rural, requests too. Often symboling a favourite outdoor space or retreat.

This is an example of a piece where the customer requested the Kent Downs, a registered area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) surrounding the villages of Wye and Crundale.

This custom art piece sits proudly on the wall of the homeowner who lives in the area, while also detailing custom icons including a pin for their home and another for the position of The Wye Crown, a landmark chalk crown carved into the side of a hill. It is visible for miles around.

In summary when ordering map wall art

Map wall art can be an eye-catching addition to any space, offering both style and sentimental value. They are best displayed in well lit wall spaces, but can equally be displayed in their frame on a desk or sideboard.

If you’re looking to order your own personalised map art or looking to have a wooden map made as a gift, have a good think about a place of meaning and a style which will elevate the space.

From choosing a location with a vast blue ocean coastline or winding streets of a bustling town, or custom pins to mark significant places such as a home, a business or where you tied-the-knot - the personalisation options are vast.

You can view the range of wooden maps on the homepage, where you can select a style you like and choose your own location to display. 

If you have any question of sizing, style, frames or pricing, feel free to contact me using the message form. I will answer any questions you may have and even provide a mock-up image for you to review and approve before the piece is made.